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About us

Who we are

We are a team of complementary developers with many years of commercial experience. During this time, we have learned many technologies and methodologies for creating and delivering software. Our experience is what we would like to offer you. We are the web application mercenaries.

Our Team

Marcin Kazimierczak

Backend Developer

Tomasz Łopusiewicz

Backend Developer

Norbert Sajdok

Frontend Developer

Marcin Basiakowski

QA Developer

Michał Kaczmarski

Product Owner
Our partner benefits

What we offer

Right technology

Thanks to knowing many technologies we are able to find the best solutions for specific business needs.

Complete product

We take care of the full cycle of software development, from the selection the right tools, through implementation, to deployment and maintenance.

Continous communication

We are always at your disposal. Our remote work experience allows you to easily work with us wherever you are.

High quality

High quality is our promise, our assurance. It is the result of creating the best code, understanding business needs, continuous communication and full transparency.

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Our work flow

How we work

  • Analysis

    First of all, we have to get to know and understand your business goal. This is required to choose the best technology solution to meet your needs.

  • Plan

    From the beginning of the development to the deployment of the application, each step of the project realization is well thought out and prepared.

  • Develop

    At this stage we show our skills and art of the developer's work, achieved through many years of experience. This is what we like most.

  • Test

    Starting with unit testing, ending with end-to-end, we are able to verify and validate the correctness of our software.

  • Launch

    The final end of our work, launching an application to be discovered by users is an important moment both for you and for us. It is also a time to celebrate.

  • Maintain

    Live application is just the beginning. We also offer maintenance and further development of your application.

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